Lunch Club

At English Martyrs Pre-School we feel passionately about promoting healthy eating.

The Lunch Club started in September 2010 and is proving to be a great success. It provides an opportunity for children attending the Pre-School to learn good table manners and further develop their social skills, supporting them in their transition to primary school.

Any children attending the Pre-School can use The Lunch Club. This gives parents/carers  the opportunity for children to stay for lunch after a morning session, have lunch before starting the afternoon session, or even stay all day.

Children using the Lunch Club need to bring a healthy packed lunch. We encourage things like fresh fruit and yoghurt and would prefer lunches did not contain crisps, chocolate, cake, biscuits or sweets. Apart from being unhealthy, these ‘treats’ will only make the other children jealous.

The Pre-School will provide milk or water for the children if necessary. Children should not bring fizzy drinks.

Information about Lunch Club fees can be found here.