Fees and Payment Policy

English Martyrs Pre-School is registered with Reading Early Years Service. This means we can offer the 15 hours funding places to three and four year olds, the 2 year funding and the 30 hours funding.

The 15 hours funding starts from term after the child’s third birthday. Under certain circumstances, children may be funded from the age of two. You can find out more about the 2 year funding here on Reading Borough Council’s website.

Early Years funding is paid direct to the Pre-School by Reading Borough Council on behalf of central Government.

If a child attends who is under the age of 3, the cost of each session is currently £16.65 and £35.70 to attend all day.  A child attending who is 3 and over the cost of each session is currently £14.80 and £32 to attend all day.

The Pre-School  Lunch Club costs £2.40 per day. This charge is to cover the cost of paying staff who would otherwise be on a lunch break.

Fees are payable in advance and are not refundable if a child is absent. Our preferred method of payment is on-line banking or childcare vouchers.

Non-payment of fees will result in a child being excluded from all Pre-School activities except their Council funded sessions. To avoid embarrassment and causing your child unnecessary distress, parents or carers must contact the Pre-School Administrator immediately if there are any difficulties in making payments.

Please note any changes in sessions do require 4 weeks notice in writing.